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Art Dolgoff worked for a landscaping and slate roofing company in his high school years. Later, moving to Cape Cod, he worked for a contractor driving bulldozers and learning basic construction methods. After asking for a 25 cent raise and not getting it, he moved on to a framing crew. After four years of framing residential homes with three different companies, Art started his own company (Family Builders) with a close friend, his father and nine employees. In 1973, two years later, he left the company to start his own remodeling company.

As of today, Art Dolgoff Building/Remodeling Co. has completed over 800 projects: some large, some small, some for the homeowner, some for the business owner, some for the town, and some for the county. To mention a few: Craigsville beach Civic Assoc (tore down & rebuilt all changing rooms & renovated pavilion) in 1987; Renovated Barnstable town hall meeting room & built crescent desk for new 18 member town council in 1990; Complete renovation of the Assembly of Delegates room in 1992; Built prototype Cumberland Farms in West Yarmouth in 1999; Added children’s room addition to the Centerville Library in 2001, and many residential additions, remodeling and repairs.

Last but not least, our challenge of challenges: the Historic Home, the early & pre 1900’s, the chance to restore, repair or add to what was constructed over 100 years ago.

When asked if he would do it again (have his own business):
"Yes. I must tell you that after 35 years, it is still a pleasure to go to work in the morning. I enjoy the challenges which the construction industry brings, and the relationships I've made with my customers. The most important reason of all is that I was able to always be part of my children’s lives. Before they entered school, if they were sick or needed me, I was there. While in grammar school, I never missed a play, music recital, field day, etc."
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